Acadiana’s Hamburgers Are Not Just Any Burgers.

Burger from Who Daq's makes you wanna sing!

Burger from Who Daq’s makes you wanna sing!

Hamburger’s in Acadiana. Where do I start? Basically you make it a mission to find something as special as you tried the day before.  Of all the burgers I have tasted I can say that where we live “Acadiana” has some of the best patty’s in the south; and quite possibly in the United States. I will be tracking these burgers on A website that may just be the best knowledge we have for rating the “real” burger numbers locally. For three years we have the results that you may wanna see. YES all of the google searches that locals have searched for. Should be fun! And very soon we will be launching the “new and improved” AH burger website. If you would like to follow us on facebook for the launch, feel free to click here.

I will kick these burger talks off with the two I enjoyed today. “Who Daq’s” on Doucet Rd. I had the pleasure of eating two today, because one was just not enough. The burgers have such a unique bun, with a fun and exciting taste. I ordered it completely prepared without cheese today. I enjoy the fresh-feeling of the dough. I also enjoy it’s perfect size on the patty it’s prepared on. You will taste a small bit of spice, but just the right amount. This is from their mayo and patty. They allow you to enjoy your burger the way you want, but the bun is their staple. This bun is square and ciabatta-like but quite softer. But holding it in your hand is the best way to experience it fully.

The fries are seasoned and are very crispy and fresh.

Take the time to visit them. You will be glad you did click here to visit their exact location and website.

Hours of Operation: Mon – Thu: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm & Fri – Sat: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm – Phone Number – 337-504-3249

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Visit on facebook here and on the website here.