Doing Something Sweet For Valentine’s Day

“Valentine Cookie Pops” by Jenna Mouton – Finished Product

Valentine’s Day… What does that mean to you? Maybe it brings thoughts of joy, excitement, or some nervousness because you’re stressing about a gift. Are you worried about getting the perfect gift?

You want something special, a gift that will invoke happiness and appreciation. You don’t have to go out and spend tons of money. I can’t speak for all women but I personally, would be stoked to receive a gift that was thoughtful and had meaning compared to a very expensive gift that no thought or heart went into. Especially if it was something that he cared about, not just me. If you asked me what I would rather, a $500 pair of earrings or a $5.00 card with something special written in it and a homemade meal or fresh baked cookies. I’d pick the cookies and a card. Hands down.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of happiness, joy, love, and most of all fun! Life is an experience and if you’re going to celebrate this holiday why not make it an Click Here To Make Your Reservations Now For Valentine's Day!experience! Try something different. Bake some cookies! It’s simple, thoughtful, and cheap.
Cooking comes from the heart. Whether it turns out perfect or is a little sloppy. When you cook for someone you care about, it has no choice but to be special and they will appreciate it. Cooking or baking takes some thought and time. It takes a lot of love when someone puts the effort to decide what to cook, prepare the ingredients, put it all together, cook it, and present it, all for a few minutes of enjoyment. But it’s all worth it. There’s nothing that shouldn’t be sacrificed for the one that you love, and baking a few cookies isn’t hard at all! But most of all you want to make great memories.

Bake her some cookies and buy a nice card. It’s simple and sweet. If you are feeling a little extra crafty you can even make her a card but that’s not necessary!
Remember that life is an experience. Never pass up the chance to express love. Show and tell the ones you love how much they mean to you! It could be your last chance. Love is the greatest joy anyone can experience!

-Love hard when there is love to be had.

Valentine Cookie Pops

What you will need (everything can be found at your local grocery store)

-One 16 ounce package of readymade Sugar Cookie Dough (In the cooler section near the eggs and butter)

-A pack of Popsicle sticks (in the arts and crafts section near the beads and glue guns)
-1 container of the readymade frosting. Chocolate or vanilla depending on your taste. You can do both if you like! (By the cake mix on the baking aisle)

-Red, white, pink sprinkles, or Red Hot Candies. (The sprinkles will be near the icing)

-A small roll of red or pink ribbon (in the fabric section)


  1. Make sure that the cookie dough is cold. Put it in the freezer when you get home to make sure it’s cold enough when you are ready to use it.

    Wrapping And Glueing The Edges

  2. When you are ready to begin turn your oven to bake at 350 degrees.
  3. Take the cookie dough out of the freezer, unwrap it and cut it into ½ inch slices.
  4. Take a Popsicle stick and push it gently into to disc of dough. If it tears a little just push it back together, making sure the stick is not poking out or showing.
  5. Lay the cookies on a cookie sheet about 3 inches apart so they don’t touch while baking.
  6. Bake the cookies for 15-17 minutes or until the edges are light golden brown.
  7. Let them cool for ten minutes before you try to move them. If you move them while they are still soft the stick will come out.
  8. Next, take your choice of icing and spread it on the cookie to cover the top. Leaving a little edge if possible. It’s
    a little messy and that’s okay. Have fun! Work on one cookie at a time. Once you are done icing a cookie you will want to decorate it before you go to the next one so the sprinkles stick to the icing. You can just sprinkle the cookies or if you decided to use candies you can spell things out on the cookies. Her name or I Love You. Be creative and have fun! The more fun you have the better they will turn out. Don’t stress about them being perfect because it is okay if they are not.
  9. Now you are going to wrap the end of the sticks in ribbon. To begin, place the end of the ribbon at the base of the cookie and wrap the ribbon around a few times to secure it. After it’s secure, begin moving down the stick covering it. When you get to the end cut the ribbon leaving about a half inch sticking out. To secure the end place a dot of glue (you can use super glue or a glue stick. Whichever is easier for you)

    “Valentine Cookie Pops” by Jenna Mouton

  10. After all the sticks are wrapped take a piece of ribbon about 7-8 inches long and tie a bow on the handle.

– Now it is time to present them to your Beautiful Lady. There are several ways to do this

– You can lay them simply on a plate especially if you spelled something out.

Valentine Cookie Pops by Jenna Mouton

– Another option is to stick them in a nice coffee cup. Like I have done. To do this you will want to fill the cup ¾ with dry rice, sugar, or salt (Whatever you have available) and stick the handles of the cookies into the cup to make them stand. Depending on the size of the cup only two will usually fit comfortably.

At the store by the candy there are Candy Bags. They can be decorated or clear. Take the cookie and slide it into the bag being careful to not get the bag stuck to the icing then close the bag up using the twist ties provided with the Candy Bags. If you decided to place a few in a coffee cup for presentation you can do this to the extra ones for a little variety!

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