Nimbeaux’s Makes a Local Difference

Nimbeaux's Restaurant

Nimbeaux’s Restaurant in Lafayette, LA

A few weeks ago I went to Nimbeaux’s Restaurant for lunch by a good friend of mine. I had never been and had heard great things about it so I excitedly accepted the invitation. When I drove up there was no place to park! In my book that’s a great thing! My first impression was good. As we walked in the staff was very polite and seated us very quickly. Even though they were very busy I never noticed anyone having to wait! Everyone was on their toes and very attentive! It’s a very comfortable atmosphere. There were people from all walks of life walking through the door which made for a nice setting! The food is very good in my opinion! Everyone that was sitting near us looked as though they were enjoying everything. I ordered the Nimbeaux’s Special which is Rice Dressing and I added Bronzed Butterfly Shrimp. The shrimp is prepared and seasoned perfectly! The “Bronzed” shrimp is their version of “blackened” same thing just “bronzed” not “blackened.” My friend for lunch ordered the Fried Shrimp Alfredo and I am amazed at how many shrimp were on his plate! The Alfredo Sauce was traditional but the shrimp were something different. I do have to say that I am very pleased at the taste. Every dish I saw looked great! I was so impressed with everything that I decided to go back and talk with the owners, Wendy and Jim Babin “Nimbeaux” (a nickname given to him at a very young age by his older brother and cousin) They decided to open Nimbeaux’s eleven years ago. They first opened on South College and moved to the new place on Pinhook a little over a year ago. Cooking is Wendy’s passion and a lifelong dream was to open a restaurant. Their passion for food and people is extraordinary, not something you find very often and it shows! When I asked “Nimbeaux” what his favorite thing about the restaurant was he said, “The people!” You will often find him walking around the restaurant greeting customers and talking to them, making sure that their experience is an excellent one. Mrs. Wendy is behind the scenes in the kitchen cooking and making sure that every plate that comes out of the kitchen is perfect! Cooking with a beautiful smile is what she does! Her joy fills the kitchen and encourages the staff. Her passion is cooking and the food shows it! You can taste the love in every bite! One thing that shows, is quality food they offer. They have sorted through providers and have chosen ones that they trust. A very popular item is the fried catfish. They take extra care in selecting the fish and cleaning it so that the customers have the best tasting fish possible. Now that Lent is here, Nimbeaux’s is a great place to have lunch with their wide variety of seafood
offerings. Their most popular dish is the Crawfish Bisque. Customers rave about how good it is! The recipe has passed several generations and customers say that it tastes like the Bisque their Grandmother used to make, and they can’t get it anymore. It’s just another taste of home! Nimbeaux’s is passionate about Louisiana food, Culture, and family! One interesting thing they do is that they get involved with the local Art Association. Every couple of months a different local artist comes in and displays their artwork in the restaurant. Being from Lafayette, LA, I felt at home there. The staff, the atmosphere, and the food all came together to make a memorable experience. Thank you again for a place we can go to enjoy our wonderful culture and have a little slice of “home”. I will definitely be back! It was a pleasure to write this Tasteimonial!

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