Office Hours on Pinhook Rd. Really has a Tasty Burger!


Samuel L Jackson from the movie Pulp Fiction – Well known for saying in the movie  “That’s a tasty burger!”

When you think of a tasty burger what do you think about? Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction…we are sure someone does, but seriously…About three weeks ago we stepped into a local lunch spot called Office Hours located on 2303 W. Pinhook Rd. We had been there before but really we do enjoy trying things randomly to make sure of the consistency. You also never know when a new cook decides to come out of retirement in Louisiana also, basically when we see or “taste” something beautiful; we feel it should be recognized.  This happened three weeks ago when we tasted the patty on the Cheeseburger at Office Hours! We were so impressed by the burger we ordered a second. So today when we went back we made the same order…”A Cheeseburger fully loaded with lettuce, pickles – (sliced thin) sliced onions, and a very tasty 8oz patty. You know the patty is tasty when you take a bite and the flavor is met with your tongue before the rest of the burger. We were impressed again. We asked one of the owners (Renee) about the burger… if anything had changed in the past year, and she told us that she did indeed have a new cook in the back! We also asked her if they had a burger steak and she told us yes, but it includes green bell-peppers also. We can’t wait to try this one next….because let’s face it, a burger needs to start with a good foundation. The patty is part of that tasty foundation! Thank you Office Hours for keeping it worthy of a Tasteimonial!

  • We will be adding the burger steak addition and complete “Tasteimonal” on our partner website very soon after it’s upgrade in the weeks to come.
  • Why stop there They even have plate lunches that you can order to go!
  • Our burger choice came with fries we chose seasoned but they do have another option without!
  • Fountain drinks are a plus!