On A Mission to Find Great Fried Chicken in Acadiana!

Fried Chicken From Ton's Drive Inn Broussard, LA photo by Kevin Ste Marie

A Beautiful Batch of Fried Chicken from Ton’s Drive Inn in Broussard, LA

It’s no surprise we have great cooks and chefs in Acadiana! But to the locals who cook, and grew up cooking in the south; nothing is a better flavor at times than a greatDSC_8117 piece of fried chicken. Everyone has their favorite but for this great food mission, we put everything to the test. The first test was that it had to be in Acadiana.  Secondly, was the batter had to be homemade. The third well you will have to taste it for yourself to understand. Ton’s in Broussard, LA has been in business since 1963. Yes that is 50 years for those who just reached for the calculator. We are happy to say that this is some of the most amazing fried chicken we have had the pleasure to taste. And after asking we found out the recipe is a 50-year-old passed down family recipe. Truly one to tell your mama about! When we asked A Third Generation Cook at Ton’s Mrs. Regina Castille to tell us why she thought the chicken was so good she replied “Because it’s fresh! & Marinated” Mrs. Regina is quite humble but super sweet! And she holds the key to the greatness of the great secret of why Ton’s has some amazing food! But give Ton’s a chance and take a bite. You will be glad you did.

I would like to thank Ton’s in Broussard, LA for allowing me to speak to Mrs. Regina during business hours. It was greatly appreciated. Keep on doing what you do best in Broussard! This is my Tasteimonial.

Ton’s drive Inn is located on 101 West Main St, Broussard, Louisiana 70510 (click for map)

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Below is a video for Ton’s Drive Inn to show you some great fried chicken freshly prepared directly from the restaurant. (Take A Look)