The 6 oz with Cheese from Original Ground Pat’i on Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA

Original Menu has it's Benefits

Original Menu Has It’s Benefits!

Burgers seem to be everywhere in Acadiana. Trust us, we know a thing or two about burgers. One burger that we are happy to say exists in the area is the “6 oz w/ cheese” from The Original Ground Pat’i on Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA. Why is it called the Original Ground Pat’i? Because it is the actual only burger location still hosting the original Pat’i menu since it’s opening in 1971. Many originals were around the Louisiana area for many years but sometime in the late 90’s the burger menu changed, and so did the look. The location on 2303 Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA kept things “Real” and it was a smart move by our opinion! Last year we were talking burgers in Acadiana, and ran across some new-comers to the area who asked: What’s the difference? We were happy to show them. You see, when you visit any other Pat’i menu you will not find the “6-oz” on the new menu we explained. They know this now, as do many others who choose this pat’i location as their happy-place for a burger in “Ragin Cajun Country.” So do yourself a favor and come taste the difference on Johnston Street. You will be happy you did! You owe it to yourself to taste the difference.

The main difference also for us is the cheese! When you see the shreeded cheese on the Original 6-oz you will already feel the excitement on the plate. Thank you Andre’ for keeping it real and making sure the consistency of this “burger-gem” remains in the Acadiana area! This burger has been extremely consistent with taste since our “first meet” around 1990. Let us know if it is worthy of your Tasteimonial!